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tv   Headline News  RT  July 2, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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you're watching r t international tonight these are the latest begin with you showing what's left of a village in eastern ukraine after another army assault by kiev forces nine were reportedly killed in that area including five year old child. russian german french and ukrainian top diplomats outline a new peace road map for ukraine tonight urging both kiev and anti-government forces to commit to a ceasefire. other stories we're covering this hour israeli police clash with crowds of protesters after reports of palestinian teenagers being abducted and killed in jerusalem as israel's vows to continue its push against hamas following the deaths of three jewish t. . and jihadist militants make fresh gains on the border between syria and iraq
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after the white house lines up half a billion dollars now to help the moderate syrian rebels. good evening i'm kevin zero in this is r.t. international first tonight the on going violence in east ukraine this morning had a devastating impact on one village just kilometers outside the city of lugansk must look you know the pictures coming up here are upsetting a man is showing what's left of his mother his closest relatives and neighbors. all apart houses raced to the ground is black smoke still coming out of the room that's the aftermath of this morning's attack by kiev's forces witnesses say their homes were hit by an airstrike from what looked and sounded like a fighter jet locals say an entire row of craters is clearly visible on the ground . as you can see the place appears to be almost completely devastated well what the
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shelling continued overnight across ukraine's east here now security camera video from the city of severed donetsk in the defiant lugansk region it shows an explosion apparently caused by a mortar shell in a residential area despite president poroshenko pledging not to target the civilian population and now this is from neighboring donetsk region these are pictures from current tosk we can see residential buildings destroyed by the latest artillery attacks and this is nearby slavonic too which is of course in some of the worst fighting if you've been keeping track and since the beginning of the military operation. ever more pictures coming out by the day of destroyed buildings and merging from the city where electricity water supplies have been almost completely cut off residents say they're too scared to step out of their homes even to get food. what you. say will motion my heart all the. while i eat you love to see you
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must see me by like do you. want if you. want something but she used to do that but that's what the book. was for didn't put them up with that another could because. numbers are pretty it was just because one beauty of those articles read but you have to do that in the bosom of the damage as you put it even if you had always did one knows nobody had the whole body just the boys do you look up what you perceive what it was is easier but isn't this just goes also another you'll stumble what is it that you want to add about it must be a good look at what you did let's go just on the thing is easy if then yes what is the first thing you get just wondering if someone did it they're evil i thought you know that in political developments the russian foreign minister and his german french and ukrainian counterparts the new live cd outlined a new peace road map for ukraine after yet another round of talks on how to try to end the deadly crisis let's take a look at what the top diplomats agreed to
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a moment they agreed mutual commitment to a truce is crucial for any peace efforts before august is also agreed that the opposing sides must sit down and negotiation to go skating table by the end of the week july the fifth and the united welcoming russia's initiative to invite ukrainian border guards and oversee observers to participate in monitoring border crossings peter all of it was also listening in. the german foreign minister said there was a clear understanding that a ceasefire was needed following the recent violence that we've seen bush's surrogate love for all said that they're in a polish that there had been violations on both sides during the previous ceasefire and he called on any peace that comes from this agreement and you ceasefire should be used for meaningful dialogue and dialogue only that there will. that is all woods if the cease fire were to be used to regroup forces on either side to realize the part of the ukrainian president's plan which we had grieved reservations about
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for example that the opposition has to be desired dora ny lated then this would be a course of action that i would categorically reject i think it would also be very bad indeed for a neighboring country mr lavrov was also asked if russia had any influence over those fighters in the east of the country he said that there was possibilities for russia to influence them but stress that these people were fighting to defend their land and defend their families and he called on the ukrainian officials from kiev to respect the new cease fire exit saying that this was incredibly important that there was no fighting no violations of this ceasefire so that meaningful dialogue could take place our correspondent in berlin look growing casualties and intensified artillery fire on the ground in ukraine has been nothing but quote measured steps by ukrainian security forces to maintain order person did the view of the u.s. state department spokes person voice during its daily briefing when we condemn the
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unlawful detention of the two journalists in the hunts can call for their immediate release along with that of all the other hostages we further call on all parties to ensure the safety of media. in terms of the vents of what's happening on the ground . our view is that the training in the security forces operations have been moderate and measured they've been taking steps to maintain calm within their own country but you assess the crimean government's actions to this point since the end of the cease fire to today's moderate measured. former reagan administration official economist and columnist paul craig roberts says washington simply pushing its own agenda in the region. this was started by washington it's part of the neoconservative doctrine that the united states as the sole superpower
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must prevent the rise of any of powers that could in any way limit washington's ability to exercise jonna me over the world and that's what you're seeing in ukraine this is a direct teaching threat to russia and also serves to isolate russia from the e.u. from america's vassal states in europe washington has no intention whatsoever in resolving the situation it will be intensified. russia's emergencies ministry setting a new temporary shelters for refugees from ukraine according to the un around a hundred ten thousand people have already fled to russia to escape the di humanitarian situation the region which incidentally is way below moscow's estimate the influx of refugees is led russian regions bordered ukraine to declare a state of emergency in the russian migration service puts the total number of
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people who fled the violence in ukraine at four hundred thousand way more than the u.n. but it's not only officials that have been helping out when it comes to the scores of refugees trying to escape the horrors of the war many russian citizens have been ready to throw a lifeline to they've posted large numbers of messages on social networks offering everything from accommodation to jobs to clothing you can see some of the examples right there the news of all the people ready to help in every part of russia it seems with offers coming in from all corners of the country. next tonight in the west bank israeli police have clashed with hundreds of protesters demanding justice for the killing of a palestinian teenager his body was found in a forest near jerusalem and suspected he was kidnapped and murdered in revenge for the deaths of three jewish boys they were abducted nearly three weeks ago they were found dead on monday in the west bank with israel blaming the palestinian group hamas for those murders the deaths of made headlines around the world. that sense
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of anger and that sense that there will be some retaliation for these deaths is becoming increasingly apparent that his plan is to make one last pay out of the three teenagers found out on monday so there is a huge amount of grief at the discovery of the grim discovery of the three bodies of those israeli teenagers late yesterday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the three teenagers were murdered in cold blood by what he described as animals. well let's get some more reaction in a letter of condolence president barack obama said that the killing of the jewish poison of has left him feeling indescribable pain he also urged all parties to refrain from steps that could destabilize the situation in the region more reaction despite president obama's calls for peace the israeli prime minister says he's ready to step up measures against a mass yeah that's what he had to say there on the news all that and punish the group further indeed in the past two days israeli defense forces have launched dozens of rocket strikes on targets inside gaza while several missiles being fired
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from the strip mall reaction i.d.'s listing on facebook here talk about their achievements so far according to the israeli army over two thousand houses have been raided since the start of the operation hundreds of palestinians arrested dozens of amassed offices close together with media outlets as well at the very bottom of the page you can see they vowed to bring to justice all those involved in the deaths of those three teenagers. but the other side of the fence hundreds of palestinian families are grieving over their own children's deaths which of largely gone on notice by the international media as these figures show here more than fifteen hundred palestinian children have been killed and six thousand injured by israeli forces since the year two thousand that therefore means one palestinian child has been killed every three days activists mustafa barghouti says international media's repeatedly chose to turn a blind eye to israel's deadly record. it is very important for the world media to
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remember to mention not only the three israelis killed but also the eleven palestinian killed who are. there are three children who were also killed in cold blood by the israeli army itself which also mounts to war crimes israeli army has been killing palestinians in cold blood for several years we are talking about thousands and thousands of palestinians were killed by the israeli army and tens of thousands of people who were injured during forty seven years of military occupation the israeli army now is demolishing houses and taking collective actions of punishment against the people whom they think are accused of being responsible for the killing of the settlers without presenting any simple proof of that they are responsible and the actions of collective punishments are continuing also in the form of air raids on gaza which the israeli army is using to provoke reactions
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from palestinians and then present these the average reactions as cause as the reason for their oppressive behavior in gaza strip and in other places and palestinian terrorists. coming up here and out international global internet firms from countries including the usa and zimbabwe are ganging up on the u.k.'s spy agency in just a minute to report on the unprecedented joint actually gets g c h q which of the web as a spying tool also we tell you about greece's plan to create a new high security prison is already being compared by human rights activists to plan time i'm. talking about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for. and now i will leave a comment on your. zakaria because all the talking.
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when you question the prepared for a chase. you should be ready for a. pretty long speech. down the freedom to. drama. stories others refuse to see. faces changing. the picture. from around the globe.
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shiri of a government online snooping spree brewing for a while and it seems no tipping points been reached with a group of internet firms from six countries teaming up to sue britain's spy agency it's their full first case of collective action against the details now from our correspondent in london. the u.k. government is effectively being sued by a group of internet service providers they come from a number of different countries including the u.k. the us and germany now it is reportedly the first time that an internet host has gone to court over alleged government spying now they say that g.c. h.q. is using malware or malicious software as it's termed in order to break into their networks and spy on their customers communications online now legal action is going through a very special london court it's called the investigatory powers tribe you know and
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it's their job to look into claims or complaints over the misuse of government surveillance now you can imagine that this court's caseload has got somewhat larger in the wake of the edward snowden revelations and of course later this month they're going to be looking into complaints from human rights organizations the way that social media sites like facebook like twitter have been targeted by g c h q now two m.p.'s have also sued the u.k. government through this court over claims that their communications were monitored as well so as i've just said in the wake of the edward snowden affair with the public debate still very much taking place over mass government surveillance these fresh and unprecedented legal moves from the internet service providers are unlikely to be the last. to create
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a new high security prison to greece sue not to compare the project to the. facility so cross the country went with hunger strike against the bill which goes to parliament on thursday. when the prisoners say the fighting to remain human instead of becoming forgotten. drew from a discuss the protests with. recently returned from simon. it all started on the eighteenth of june and then every day after that more and more prisoners across the country joined in the hunger strike in total there were around four and a half thousand prisoners across the country who were starving themselves and i couldn't take it any longer which is why they stopped and i said that i will continue fighting for what they believe in other ways what are they fighting for they are against this bill which envisions a tightening and restructure of the country's penal code and also the creation of type c. still it is across the country and they claim that this will be like. so in general
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they're saying that the condition in prison is already plus they don't want to see the creation of a new one which potentially could be worse so what's been the government's response to those arguments presumably you believe that these things should go ahead yes and also we know that the country's main opposition party cities that tried to reason with and please consider in this bill and they asked them to hold off on it until they can get a chance to visit some of these prison facilities but that request was denied we actually managed to speak to one of the prisoners his face is covered in the voice was altered because wanted to he asked us to protect his identity so let's listen to what he had to say about what life was like in these persons who say no to the great grandson a male maybe to a prison inside a prison without any rights without any future prisoners who have completed one fifth of their sentences should be allowed to visit their families we live conditions mice and cockroaches there are no doctors here illness they just give us
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aspirants they're prisoners here who have no money so nobody gives them anything to eat we find cockroaches in the prison food is disgusting it's better to eat nothing then to eat this five prisoners live in a cell designed for two now the same problem as the fact that persons don't have money and i was there and then even though the government is saying the situation is improving in the country when you talk to people they believe that nothing is change and they don't see their lives. proven at all there are marchers are probably in athens every single day on various special. reporting red faces in france making sure explosives get no in a french airport is arguably one of the gendarmes primary task but what if the cops couldn't find a bomb they will themselves during training that's exactly what i'm doing must say you can find out all about the folks on a website out home to do yet is exist for an oxford university d.n.a. expert spends a year testing samples of fur and fluff said to have been shared by yet easily
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abominable snowman another explained creatures discovered at r.t. dot com. geodes militants from isis have overrun a key syrian border town after pouring in reinforcements from neighboring iraq the takeover comes two days after isis declared an islamic state on the syrian and iraqi territory currently holds this unverified video apparently shows the militants parading tanks and other combat vehicles in eastern syria the islamists also rolled out what appears to be a scud ballistic missile although it's not clear if it's operational the rapid isis advance comes hot of the heels of washington releasing half a billion dollars in military support to the syrian opposition a move which should stoke fresh fears that the u.s. is inadvertently a danger how this journalist and activist chandan told me he believes foreign powers are trying to divide and conquer the middle east. the western plan for the region unfortunately for the people of the region impacted has become has because
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come to pass in the interest of the west which is knocking out strategic anime's of the region particularly libya and be stabilizing syria and then going on to divide and destroy the whole regions they did see all this coming and they planned for all of this coming this is nothing new what we're seeing in the region is the same alliance or forces that are arrayed against the people of the region that we saw since the second world war when when london and washington were allied particularly with the gulf monarchies in supporting the so-called muslim brotherhood and other much more violent sectarian forces in the region against those countries and states and leaderships which were actually delivering land reform social reform distribution of wealth and the nonaligned pro global sell or pro at the time quote quote unquote third world policy. i says hasn't received direct help from the west but the militants previously seized a fair share of u.s. aid meant for the moderate syrian opposition forcing washington to temporarily suspend supplies the floodgates of know it began with
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a five hundred million dollar a package but as artie's one important explains the u.s. maintains it's not responsible for fueling the violence in the region all over the arab world and their guy has left behind its military footprint but i believe america is exceptional. in part because we have shown a willingness through the sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up not only for our own narrow self-interest but for the interests of all america's exceptional armed forces have invaded afghanistan and iraq dropped bombs on libya pakistan and yemen and reportedly trained rebels fighting to overthrow the government in syria. directly leading to the insurgency in iraq where extremists have now declared their own caliphate not enough to just say that we are exceptional one way or the other the reason we can point to american exceptionalism is because we've done exceptional things and we do exceptional for. we have to live up to that
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standard but time and time again washington's eagerness to involve itself in foreign conflicts has fueled secretary in divisions creating an exceptionally dangerous circumstance the u.s. policy unfortunately. has destroyed and making a mockery of the you know what they have done in libya what they have done and continue to do it was done in iraq. it is all fun thing that. doesn't jive with claiming any kind of exceptionalism and yet in each case washington has washed its hands of any responsibility the united states of america is not responsible for what happened in libya nor is it responsible for what is happening in iraq today in the absence of u.s. military action iraq is warning that it could ask iran to carry out airstrikes
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against the jihadist group isis that could throw a wrench into the works of american foreign policy potentially having to rely on an adversary to defeat a threat that washington itself is blamed for indirectly creating. breena port niamh r.t. . the suicide bomber killed at least eight in an attack on a military bus in kabul thirteen others including civilians were wounded to the explosion happened in a heavily secured area near the afghan capital university the taliban says it was behind the attack this latest violence comes at a time of political tensions for the country waiting for the results of its presidential election runoff a cargo planes crashed into a commercial building it came years capital shortly after it took off all four crew members were killed there they had stood out in the early morning when the building was largely empty so no one on the ground was harmed plane is said to have been flying low as it hit an electricity pilot. dungarees bay board it may
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need even more budget cuts to get it all run the risk of being put back or watch what you find i was one of those alexi your school reports on why the country's finding it tough then to stay within the deficit limits imposed by brussels. had little hesitation when choosing a new car for a major german brand only the car was manufactured in his home country if you want to buy it maybe you have to pay for. registration because of the tax so if you buy hanging from germany then. it will be cheaper. but it makes no difference i mean in terms of the quality right no. so if it's the same why pay more this logic may have driven several european car manufacturers to set up factories in hungary with an obviously cheaper labor force than in germany but the one that is just as skilled back in the days when hungary was part of the
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socialist block used to be one of the biggest car manufacturers in eastern europe when the country entered the european union most of its factories went bankrupt as their predecessor was not needed in europe that decade on europeans have decided to experience and are now producing their cars here. largely because of that and we're talking several hundred thousand units produced annually hungary is now experiencing the biggest industrial growth in a decade but would that mean the two thousand and four e.u. accession promise of a better living has been capped a recent poll study suggested that seventy two percent of the variance felt that economically they were doing better on their communism. seventy two and thank god i have a good job because without it i wouldn't have survived with my pension unlike twenty five years ago when pensioners didn't have to work. how did the area as a living stand that are now versus then ten years ago the households consumption is below. a girl level the investment is below ten years ago level
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hungry is a canonical fishes are happy to see improvement and say this is largely due to them finding their own ways to run the country no mr out but that may be among the reasons why hunger is prime minister orban does not get along with russell's strong leadership that has enabled hungry to get out of this mess is something those politicians envy we want all the degrees of freedom that we can have understanding that being a member of a club like the european union has implications for for the for the policies that we can pursue but we're not in favor of. having to coordinate more policies than necessary. hungary's recovering economy is now facing a big test e.u. funding is predicted to slow even more in the next three years that's when it will be clear whether it has indeed found its own way but officials are already making no secret of it budapest is now looking eastwards to boost trade with russia and
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china. reporting from budapest in hungary. after the break with here and if you want she is in the u.k. at your appointment to view with ash in return see. the temp is about seven years old it's one of the largest ten cities on the east coast of america and she got about one hundred people here just because of economics the cost of housing in this area especially is very high and i believe as an american we have a right. to say about or to possess public land until something is created that's my house you see back there live it sent them to well we spent tens of thousands of dollars. if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have been home i want you to understand we don't just how do you know people of tent city we don't know
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anybody that needs help so tell your friend to just give us a moral. mistake on never going to censor the internet with one fell swoop got a place to live once on monday i'll be out here with my dog. with economic up and downs in the final months day to deal sang and the rest of life until you meet a few will be if briefly on. me . as a. hello
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and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle the return and we bench of the neo cons as the middle east descends into a regional civil. and ukraine becomes a failed state washington's foreign policy neoconservatives are on the march the world is their playground. to cross-talk the neocon agenda i'm joined by my guest robert perry in washington he is an investigative reporter for the a.p. and newsweek who now edits the online news site consortium news dot com also in washington we have jim lobe he is the washington bureau chief for intra press service and director of a blog on us middle east policy called low blog dot com and in champaign we cross that francis boyle he is a professor of international law at the university of illinois college of law are gentlemen crosstalk.


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